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 __**More info on Mcule database:​**__ __**More info on Mcule database:​**__
-**[[Purchasable|Purchasable compounds collection ​>>]]**+**[[Purchasable|Purchasable compounds collection ​»]]**
-**[[Indexpages|Molecule index pages >>]]**+**[[Indexpages|Molecule index pages »]]**
-**[[Collmanagement|Collection management ​>>]]**+**[[Collmanagement|Collection management ​»]]**
-**[[userupload|User uploaded collections ​>>]]**+**[[userupload|User uploaded collections ​»]]**
-**[[Regsys|MAC (Mcule Advanced Curation) ​>>]]**+**[[Regsys|MAC (Mcule Advanced Curation) ​»]]**
-**[[structurelevels|Mcule structure specification levels ​>>]]**+**[[structurelevels|Mcule structure specification levels ​»]]**
-**[[stereonotations|Mcule stereo notations ​>>]]**+**[[stereonotations|Mcule stereo notations ​»]]**
-**[[NCI|NCI collection (coming soon!) ​>>]]**+**[[NCI|NCI collection (coming soon!) ​»]]**
-**[[ChEMBL|ChEMBL collection (coming soon!) ​>>]]**+**[[ChEMBL|ChEMBL collection (coming soon!) ​»]]**
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