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 ====== MCULE DATABASE ====== ====== MCULE DATABASE ======
-**[[Regsys|MAC (Mcule Advanced Curation)]]**+__**[[http://​​database|DOWNLOAD DATABASE]]**__:​ The Mcule database can be downloaded in SDF format including Mcule IDs and 2D structures from **[[http://​​database/​|HERE]]**. It can be processed in-house and you can come back with the Mcule IDs of the best hits to place an order **[[http://​​collection/​create/​from-ids/​|HERE]]**.
-**[[Purchasable|Purchasable compounds collection]]**+The Mcule database contains high quality molecule collections. All of them passed our in-house developed registration system: ​**[[regsys|MAC (Mcule Advanced Curation)]]**.
-**[[NCI|NCI collection (coming soon!)]]**+The major part of the database consists of commercially available compounds (**[[purchasable|Purchasable compounds]]**), that can serve as an input collection for [[http://​​wiki/​Virtual_screening|virtual screening]]. Users can also **[[userupload|upload]]** their own molecule collections.
-**[[ChEMBL|ChEMBL collection (coming soon!)]]**+__**More info on Mcule database:**__
-**[[userupload|User collections]]**+**[[Purchasable|Purchasable compounds collection »]]**
-**[[Collmanagement|Collection management]]**+**[[Subsets|Diversity, Ro5 and Ro3 subsets »]]**
-**[[Indexpages|Molecule index pages]]**+**[[Indexpages|Molecule index pages »]]**
-**[[structurelevels|Mcule structure specification levels]]**+**[[Collmanagement|Collection management »]]** 
 +**[[userupload|User uploaded collections »]]** 
 +**[[Regsys|MAC (Mcule Advanced Curation) »]]** 
 +**[[structurelevels|Mcule structure specification levels ​»]]** 
 +**[[stereonotations|Mcule stereo notations »]]** 
 +**[[NCI|NCI collection (coming soon!) »]]** 
 +**[[ChEMBL|ChEMBL collection (coming soon!) »]]**
-**[[stereonotations|Mcule stereo notations]]** 
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