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Single compound pricing

Mcule’s developements on Instant Quote make possible the automatic pricing of large compound collections and individual compounds as well. To facilitate compound selection/cherry picking, individual prices are introduced on compound index pages.

During visualization of the index page, product availabilities are checked and for pre-selected amounts (1, 5 and 10 mg) the best product prices are shown with the corresponding door-to-door delivery time and purity data.

To get a final price offer you can generated a quote by pushing one of the Quote buttons. You can refine delivery data (amount, maximal accepted delivery time, delivery address) and get a refined and optimized price that also contains the delivery costs. Alternatively, you can add your compounds to a compound collection and request a quote for your selection later.

For registered users the final quote generation can be carried out on the fly, whereas anonymous users can only ask for a Next Day quote. (Click here to become a registered mcule user freely.)

Explaining the prices

Visualized offers are optimized by product prices. These prices are indicator prices: they contain the price of the product with extra supplier costs added (i.e. the minimum order fee as applied by some suppliers), but they don’t include the delivery price and custom duties for countries outside the EU. The delivery price is not known until you specify your delivery country in the quote form. Similarly, taxes and duties for non EU countries can be taken into account only after finalizing the quote.

Please note that the product price in the final quote can be different from the product price appears on the index page. The reason behind this is that during the final quote generation the total price is optimized not the product price. This lead to more optimal offer in most cases total but can result in a higher product price.

Delivery time and purity

Delivery time and purity data belong to that product which is selected for the structure during the product price optimization. There can be products in the database that can be delivered faster or have a higher purity than the selected one. During the quote finalization you can set your requirements/ preferences and select alternative supplier/product for your compound.

Explaining missing prices

In some cases you cannot see prices on the compound index page. This happens when we can’t calculate prices for the available product automatically or the availability is questionable. In such cases you can request a Next Day Quote for the compound and we contact potential suppliers directly to ask for a quote. This case our price offer will be emailed to you within 1 or 2 working days.

Finalizing the quote

If you would like to generate a formal quote for the compounds, you need to fill out our quote form. You can click on one of the ’Get Quote’ to get a quote form prepopulated with the corresponding amount, or click on the ’Custom Quote’ button.

You need to specify the following mandatory data: - requested amount - contact person data (name, email address) - delivery country

You can set your requirements optionally on compound purity, delivery time, supplier and the product matching rules that control how we select among different salt and tautomer forms available for the structure.

Compound ordering

You can accept the instant quote by clicking on the ’Order’ button or you can download the quote in PDF or Excel format and come back to us with a formal Purchase Order of your institution, which refers our Quotation Reference number. You can save your quotes and come back to proceed with the order later.

After the compound is ordered you will provided with a tracking number that can be used to see the actual state of your order online, using the following URL:[your_tracking_number]

For the US and EU countries delivery service contains full customs clearance service. For other countries you will be contacted by our courier, usually FedEx when the product enters into your country. FedEx tracking number is also provided to you right after the product is dispatched to the delivery.

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