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Creating collections

To create a new collection, go to the “Collections” tab, and click on “Create collection”.

For each user-generated collection, you can add a “Name”, a “Description” and set the “Privacy level”.

The “Privacy level” can be chosen from the following options:

Private (Only people with permission can access)

The collection remains fully private, only the owner the collection can access it after successful sign-in.

The collection remains private, but the URL of the collection can be shared.

Public (It's available for everybody)

The collection is public, it will be listed among the “Public collections” under the “Collections” tab, and it can be selected as input collection for any searches and screens.

“Name”, “Description” and “Privacy level” of a collection can be modified by clicking on the “Edit” button when the collection is displayed. Modifications can be done by the owner of the collection only.

If a collection is a search/screen result collection, the corresponding query (e.g. a screening workflow) can be also displayed by clicking on the “Display query” button. The query can be displayed by the owner of the collection only, independent of the “Privacy level” of the collection.

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