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Product filter

The Product filter can be particularly useful to optimize screening efforts and compound procurement. With the Product filter you can narrow down your search space to the compounds that has at least one associated product that satisfies your criteria in terms of stock availability, delivery time, price, small order fee, purity, catalog type, favoured supplier, etc.

When to use

The Product filter can be used when you are working on projects that have specific criteria in terms of what products can be ordered at the end of the searching/screening process and which ones should be filtered out. For example, you might only want to focus on compounds that can be delivered to you in 2 weeks and you need at least 100 mg for your experiments. This is something you can easily set in the Product filter to get rid of irrelevant entries at the earliest possible stage. This will spare you time and will prevent you to use all your credits for more expensive tools. Subsets filtered by certain price and purity criteria might be particularly useful for expansion of in-house compound decks.

How to use


Catalog options

Include the following catalogs

In this box you can set the specific chemical supplier catalogs you would like to be included in the screening. By default, all catalogs are selected. To remove or add all catalogs you can click on the “Remove all” and “Add all” links, respectively. To remove/add particular catalogs you can click on the “-” and “+” signs next to the catalogs. All catalogs on the left-hand side will be included in the screen, all catalogs on the right-hand side will be filtered out.

Include only the following catalog types

Here you can specify what catalog types you allow. You can select “Building block”, “Screening” and “Natural” types.


Minimum required purity

Here you can set the lowest allowed purity. Screening compounds typically vary between 90-95%, most building blocks are 95%+, natural compounds are typically below 90%.


Maximum price per mg

Final price of your order depends on several things. One of the things is how expensive the compound is. With this option you can filter out too expensive compounds.

Maximum small order fee

Some chemical suppliers charge you a “Small order fee” if your order does not reach a certain limit. For example, even though the price for a single compound would be $100 you have to pay $250, because the supplier charge you a $150 “Small order fee”. This option can be useful when you want to order a single compound or only a small number of compounds. For larger orders “Small order fee” does not typically apply.


In stock

If you check this box, only compounds with at least one product in stock will be allowed in the output.

Minimum stock amount

If you have selected that you are only interested in compounds that are in stock, you might also want to specify the minimum amount you need to have on stock.

Information is current as of

Availability information is updated with different frequencies by different suppliers (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). If you want to make pretty sure the compounds are in stock with the required amount, you can set this to 1-2 weeks/days.

Maximum delivery time

Some chemical suppliers can provide the purchased items in a few days, some of them need more time. To make sure your products arrive on time, you can set the maximum of the delivery time here.


Those input entries that has at least one product which satisfies ALL the criteria you set in the Product filter.


The Product filter can be accessed by subscribing to the Database Access package option. You can check the prices here.

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