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Download the Mcule database and come back for ordering

  1. You can download the Mcule database from HERE in SDF format including mcule IDs and 2D structures
  2. If you would like to download only a subset of the Mcule database, you can apply different prefilters in the Workflow Builder. After opening the resulting prefiltered collection under COLLECTIONS you can export it by clicking on “EXPORT” in the top right corner.
  3. After you processed the database in-house, you can come back and request a quote for a list of Mcule IDs:
  4. Paste your Mcule ID list
  5. Add a “Name” for the output collection. Optionally you can also add a “Description” and you can set the “Privacy level”.
  6. Click on “SAVE”
  7. If your compounds were found, click on the orange “QUOTE” button in the top right corner
  8. Fill out the quote form
  9. Click on either “INSTANT QUOTE” (quote will be generated on-the-fly) or “NEXT-DAY QUOTE” (we will send you a quote by e-mail in 24-48 hours)

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