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WebGL help

To display molecules in 3D in docking, we use a technology built into the latest browsers called WebGL. Unfortunately, at the moment this is not available on every browser, and even then, in some cases it must be enabled separately.

To quickly verify that your browser supports WebGL, click here

Supported Browsers

We recommend you use one of the following browsers to access these features:

At the moment, we do not recommend using Opera for this feature. Internet Explorer, unfortunately, does not support WebGL at all.

Enabling WebGL

If you are using a supported browser and still receive a message about not having WebGL support, you might need to enable it separately.

Depending on your browser, WebGL might not be enabled by default, or you might run into your graphics card being blacklisted. This can be overridden, generally without causing any stability issues.

  • Firefox
    1. Visit the address 'about:config'
    2. Dismiss the warning
    3. Search for the option 'webgl.force-enabled'
    4. Doubleclick on it to set its value to true (it will embolden)
    5. Restart your browser
  • Chrome
    1. Visit the address chrome://flags
    2. Enable the option Override software rendering list
    3. Restart your browser
  • Safari
    1. From the Safari menu, open Preferences.
    2. Click the Advanced tab
    3. Check the option Show Develop menu
    4. From the Develop menu in the menu bar, select Enable WebGL
    5. Restart your browser
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